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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 24, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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environmentalists to "butt out." that does it for "studio b." "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up next. >> mr. chairman, i am not delaying. i am making an extremely important point. >> it is extremely important, but it is also delaying. neil: something tells me that health care reform thing is not going to well. could that mean out the big global shindig just kicking off in pittsburgh might not be going too well either? the most headaches and a lot of them. barack obama is set to tell the
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world's biggest vendors that they need to spend some more. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and joins us exclusively for some reaction. it is always good having you. the timing of this where the president is going to say, we are making progress, follow our lead, you are saying that he might want to set a better example? >> you had the clip of max baucus in the finance committee basically illustrating how they are trying to jam this measure through the senate. they want to shut everybody up on top of it. they had a government agency that regulates medicare tell all the medicare providers that they could not comment about this legislation before the congress. it is an astonishing overreach. the american people are reacting severely to it. neil: i want to get to the gag order.
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essentially telling health insurers that they cannot tell their premium payers, there might be trouble. this violates not only their right to free speech, but the administration if they pursue this, you are going to fight fire with fire? >> i sent a letter to the secretary of health and human services signed by the republican leadership. they have 10 vacancies of people they are trying to get appointed to the administration. none of those people will get through the senate easily until they lift the gag order. none of these people make it through the senate without extensive debate until they lift the gag order and allow the first amendment to function for everyone in this country, including people who just happen to be doing business with the federal government. neil: did a change when the cbo
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effectively said that at least if you are on medicare advantage, these companies are right when they say that the benefits are going to be cut? i thought that took some of the wing away from this flight. >> i think the democratic majority is undeterred by the facts. the facts are that they are trying to cut medicare. they certainly are cutting medicare advantage as well they are going to have a $500 billion cut in medicare over the next 10 years. they are acting like they are not. nobody believes that the director of the cbo has illustrated what they are doing. it is astonishing. neil: let me ask you this. we are getting word that there will be no more cbo scoring of any plans -- i hope i got the
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gist of that. it is essentially saying, full throttle, go forward, no more getting sidelines -- no more getting sidelined. what do you say? >> it is consistent with the way they have been operating. they voted down an amendment on a party-line vote that would have required the bill to be on the internet for 72 hours before everybody votes. they do not want anybody to read this. they want to jam it through, reorganize one sixth of the economy on a straight party-line vote before anybody figures out what they are doing. neil: the house minority leader was here yesterday. he said, i do not think they have the 218 votes in the house. he thinks passage in the house looks very unlikely. despite may be getting a 60 of the vote in the senate, what
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happens in your neck of the woods? >> we will say. on paper, there are 60 democrats. that should be enough to pass it. there is a lot of anxiety on the democratic side. people are very nervous about this. they are hearing from seniors, particularly seniors who are on the medicare advantage program. they are hearing from individuals who do not want their taxes raised. this is a very controversial proposal. it is not the way we should go to reform health care. we should be targeting job losses, equalizing the tax code to make all health insurance deductible for everyone, regardless of whether you work for a company thatrovides it, incentivizing well as programs. neil: do you think in the end -- let's say that this crashes and burns. let's say that health-related
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costs continue to soar. are you afraid down the road that democrats will come back and say, we had a shot at correcting this and mitch mcconnell and his buddies adopted. >> i am not afraid of that at all. we should do the right thing, not the wrong thing. we should not do it before anybody can read it. this whole idea is to deceive the american people, jim this through the congress, have it signed by the president, and call it a victory. if they do that, it will be the biggest issue in the 2010 election, i can assure you. neil: do you think that republicans are peaking too soon? >> i do not think i got your question. >neil: republicans are scoring very big points, but you might be peaking too soon? >> i might add -- i want to go
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to a signing ceremony. this is about a very important issue. it is about getting it right. we have to target cost and access, which are the two biggest problems. we do not need the government taking over one sixth of our economy. it is an enormous percentage of our country. neil: hugo chavez spoke before the united nations today. he had some kind words for president obama. he said, come to the socialist side. what do you make of that? >> hugo chavez is outrageous. he is one of the few dictators left in the world. he is one of the biggest troublemakers in south america. i do not pay a whole lot of attention to what he has to say about americans. neil: i think he was referring to the last president. they give him standing ovations.
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>> i think it is a bad idea to leave and respond to him. he is so far out of the mainstream of civil discussion. he's a dictator. he is running his country into the ground. i would not dignify any thing he has to say with a response. neil: good having you again. thank you very much a warning against a hasty stimulus retreat. the council of economic advisers say that the economy continues to be in distress. things have gotten so bad that he has been trying to shout that government down for a while to get a fiscal breather. governor, good to have you back. following your state, what is the latest? >> i have a good lobster roll waiting for you. we have been battling, as you
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said earlier. it is in the court whether or not i can shut down state government. we have tried to negotiate an agreement with the majority of the state's labor unions. we thought we had that agreement on. i have several of the important unions that have signed on that have agreed to take unpaid days in the next year. our largest union who had agreed tuesday morning, suddenly changed their mind and backed out. what we're doing now is i'm going forward with a plan to lay off. i have some of the union's understanding the difficult times that the nation is in. state employees have good jobs, good working conditions. we have 70,000 people that do not. bill: a couple of those union guys, contacted me and said that the governor does not have the
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power to willy-nilly lay off public workers. several are giving variations of the same sentiment. that is the battle in suing, that you are doing things illegally that you cannot be doing. >> that is incorrect. the governor has the authority to lay off state employees. i have done in the past. i have been trying to avoid that. my message to the union leadership, i want to keep people working. in order to do that, what i'm asking is everybody who is working, take a 3% pay reduction. so, i am trying to keep people working. i have the authority. i do not want to do that. neil: i have another e-mail from a guy saying that the governor should know that he is now
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getting to be our number one target. by that, i hope they mean political target. what do you make of that, that you have become a very fast enemy of unions? i know that was not your attention, but that is where things stand. quote you follow this closely. our nation is in a huge recession. the worst in my lifetime. our state is in a huge recession, feeling it very severely. all i'm asking is people who have good benefits, to help us out. help us get through this and keep people working. if they want to make me a target by asking that all of us, everybody to take a small pay reduction to keep people working, so be it. that is the world that i live in. i am trying to do the right thing for the state. i do not want to add to the unemployment ranks. we have few options.
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unlike the federal government -- i heard your interview with mitch mcconnell. they are used to printing money down there. neil: i think [unintelligible] was filmed in ri. it is true to form. >> we are trying to change a the reputation. neil: governor, it has been a pleasure having you again. >> take care. neil: the administration is placing a gag order on health care critics. he just might find a way to make that happen. big fans of president obama. hugo chavez taking the stage. the georgian president is here. ( whooshing )
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neil: that requests from afghanistan is set to come down within hours. will the president give the general what he wants, as many as 40,000 additional troops? julie berman joins me now. always a pleasure. >> great to be with you. what if he says no? >> i sure hope that does not happen. i have read the report. i visited him in august. he understands what is happening in afghanistan. the initiative is now with the taliban, not with us. if we do not send in more troops, he predicts that success
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may be impossible over the long run. if that happens, al qaeda come back and pakistan is greatly destabilized. i hope the president listens to the recommendations and deploys an additional number of american troops. they need that extra help not only to protect the of cans, but protect the americans who are there now yoko i'm wondering if a lot of the people are afraid that this is their jfk moment like vietnam. if we commit more people, we are just getting in deeper. how do you assure them? what do you say to them that will absolves them of the worry? >> there are very different historical parallels. unlike vietnam, afghanistan is a place from which america was attacked on 9/11.
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if we try strategy that does not work, those who attacked as will regain that country. it is like the second world war. the nazis began to form again and tried to take back germany from a new democratic government. what would we have done? we would not have let it happen. we have learned a lot in iraq about how to succeed in these wars against insurgencies. this is the obama administration pause responsibility. it did not start this way. the president made very clear that this is a war of necessity. this is a central front of the war on terrorism. neil: i do not know if i get the same read on that. we just talked to the white house gardner.
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there is a clear sense now that this president said that we should have been in afghanistan earlier on and that was the battle that never was. i am hearing less about that sentiment from now. >> i am worried about that. afghanistan being a war of necessity. in the interview he did last sunday, the idea that he is not only considering whether to send more troops, but the basic new strategy, which i believe is the correct strategy that president obama chose in march of this year to be implemented by a new commanding general, who he sent in. i do not know what has happened in the last half year since then. neil: on recommendations from
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general petraeus. >> i hope that what we're seeing here is the president saying, wait a second. this is the big moment. maybe he as historical parallels in mind. i think there is only one correct decision. it is to do essentially what general mcchrystal has asked him to do. neil: thank you. >> one last thing. do you remember the peter sellers movie? gardeners can give you very good voice. >> i think you are right about that. 90s slacker hip-hop. ♪ singer: buckle up, everybody 'cause we're taking a ride ♪
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neil: some kudos from hugo. >> it does not smell as bad up here anymore. it is gone. it smells of something else. it smells of hope. neil: the venezuelan president hugo chavez is singing the praises of president obama. my next guest knows a thing or two about dealing with tough guys. he dodged bombs when his country was at war with russia last year. the president of georgia will be addressing the united nations tonight.
4:25 pm
>let me ask you -- it has been a long time since the dust up with vladimir putin. he has said that he has wanted you dead. that is pretty scary stuff. >> i do not think so. i think that is usual. from the point of view of the audit mehr putin, georgia is a country that cannot exist. he wanted us gone as a country. he will not admit that when i heard about that -- neil: i heard that particular thing. >> basically, vladimir putin
4:26 pm
telling him about it. one year since their invasion, georgia has not only survived. we have world bank business ratings. we are no. 11 in the world, a little bit behind the united states and russia. russia is next to nigeria in terms of corruption. we are next to the denmark and netherlands. neil: when you tempt the tiger, it can either attack or pace. do you sense that he is just
4:27 pm
sitting this out? >> absolutely. people tell me, please do not give them a pretext. they do not need a pretext. they need a situation. they need to feel that the united states has its attention somewhere else. less year, putin invaded georgia. we have half a million refugees. it was an exactly the same thing that not to germany did with czechoslovakia. that shows you something. neil: what do you think about the fact that our president has more friendly relations with
4:28 pm
vladimir putin, saying things about countries that did not say flattering things about us. maybe you are collateral damage here. >> i think that his body language has telling marks about georgia. that is one issue. neil: you're talking about what our president said? >> you are fine with president obama? >> we should look at it from the point of view of the russians. this is thend ogovernment in moscow. it needs crisis. georgia is too small for them.
4:29 pm
they fought with the u.s. last year. the way he does it, the way they react, against all the intentions of america -- i think -- neil: this was actually an attempt on you. they were targeting you. you do not think something like that could happen again? >> i know people here in the u.s.. i practiced law two blocks away i think i know americans. i know the people sickened tired of war zones. we are set up for that. we are a very normal country. in terms of investment, we are
4:30 pm
on par with singapore and america. we are a very modern looking country. neil: with this president, you had as good relations as you did with president bush? >> ellicott implemented under this it ministration. neil: you expressed some willingness to take some of those gitmo detainees. >> whatever would help america and its war on terror, we would do. we gave a best brigade of georgian troops i strongly believe that we should help to stabilize afghanistan that is
4:31 pm
why we're sending more than 600 people there. bill: what if our president does not commit more troops to afghanistan? would you commit more troops? >>what would you do? >> i was talking to general petraeus the other day. he really was praising george ' a lot. neil: would you not be optimistic? >> i think it means that this administration will make the right decision. neil: which will be more troops? >> it is not up to me. neil: your security guard is getting antsy.
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>> i think george is a model of a nation that can survive. it can still be a friend of america. bill: we have to go to commercial. bicycle, i've missed you.
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hearing. republicans are frustrated that they are not getting an answer from the white house about a gag rule. congressman, good to have you. he might have for the senate minority leader saying that he would ratchet that at by saying that if you go that way, we will hold off on your appointments. how bad is this getting? >> i think it is getting bad. this actually reverses a clinton administration policy that says seniors have a right to know about how their benefits might be affected. why it applies only to this one health insurance provider, but not to aarp, which is advocating on behalf of the plan. we know that seniors benefits are going to be reduced under these proposals. i think seniors have a right to know that. we have not gotten the answers. i think we should have a hearing on this in the ways and means
4:37 pm
committee. neil: how far does this go? i would have thought that what the cbo came out and said, a lot of what the insurance company was charging was in fact accurate. the witch hunt continues. why did it slow down after that? why did they not cool it? >> i do not know. every minute. vantage provider cannot communicate with their beneficiary. it has been in across the board gag order. if you look at the letter they wrote, it was pretty benign. as you said, the cbo has backed this up. i would like to have a hearing. we do have an oversight function. there is no full time appointed
4:38 pm
director there. frankly, we need to get to the bottom of why this happened. what letters went back and forth and what was the thinking behind it. there are supreme court decisions behind this that say the beneficiaries have a right to know. this kind of communication is constitutionally protected as well. they are moving forward in the senate. that is moving ahead. they are churning through. i think they are at a disadvantage there. they are not using legislative language. they are using summaries of their proposals. unless you know the real value of these proposals, you can either find a huge cost or a lot
4:39 pm
of people not getting coverage. i think they are at a disadvantage not having the actual technical language in front of them, thereby not getting the real information on what this will mean to small businesses and other people were going to be affected by health care changing. neil: nancy pelosi is not going to allow for a vote on this measure. what do you make of that? >> one of the things you saw is that they slammed the some of -- the stimulus through. they are taking more time in the senate. ultimately, these changes are going to come at the last minute. a manager's amendment comes in and it is completely different. we think people should have time to look at this, especially a
4:40 pm
bill as important as this one. i would like to see us take a smaller, more common sense steps. there is a broader agreement on pre-existing conditions and other items in there. neil: congressman, thank you. if anybody knows about gag orders, is this woman. she is getting death threats about speaking out against government-run care. it's endless shrimp at red lobster.
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neil: forget gag orders, what about death threats. she is a canadian brain tumor survivor who came to the u.s. for treatment. she could have died waiting for care in canada. now she has been speaking out about her health care here.
4:44 pm
she joins me right now. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. neil: looking good. you say that you would not be here. the president says that he does not want the kind of system that you have. >> that is what i have heard. however, it keeps coming up that it is their ultimate goal. once you get into it, it is really hard to not go deeper and deeper into it. how do you unscramble that egg? neil: his looks like this is stumbling along here. you say, let its tumble away. let this thing die, this whole health care reform thing. >> certainly, we have to do some reform. there are people that need some help. just stay away from the government option.
4:45 pm
there are only a couple of ways to fix any problem that you have in socialized medicine or a monopoly as we have. that is rationed care or increased taxes. unfortunately, there are holes constantly. neil: you had a rain tumor. you took matters into your own hands. if you had done it the canadian way, you would be dead. >> absolutely. the thing that they do not cover in the media is that they do not talk about waiting for diagnostic testing. we have government websites that you can log on to see how long you are and the list. you have to fight for your position in the list. neil: if your situation is so
4:46 pm
serious, would you be pushed to the front of the line? >> absolutely, if they know that you are that sick. until you have had the mri and until you have seen that specialist, you are not on the list. neil: it does not smell right. you were saying that. >> my doctor was frantically trying to get me into their. we have 69 narrow sur since -- 69 neurosurgeons in the province of ontario. each one of those specialists might only have 10 hours of operating time a week. it is not that they do not want to see you. they are packed. i came down to the united states. i got diagnosed. within a week, i had everything in my hand. even the doctors at mayo clinic
4:47 pm
said, we will call doctors back in canada and get you treatment. i did return to canada, frantically trying to see someone. within three weeks, i came back to the united states and had surgery. neil: how much did it cost you? >> $97,000. neil: her story is a bit extreme, i hear from a number of people and it is unusual because most people in this country do not have that equivalent of wealth. >> obviously, there are lots of people who are falling through the cracks. the province of ontario said, 8000 people died in our province alone last year from not having properly managed chronic care and chronic diseases. we really have to look beyond some of the studies and get into seeing who is really fall into
4:48 pm
the cracks. also, the simple things that you might be able to -- i just have a sore back. neil: they do not seem to buy what you are saying. if we wanted to get a satellite interview in mind -- in ontario, we could not get it. why do they hate you so much? >> they are totally on friendly because we actually consider ourselves so proud of our canadian health-care system that the powers and the are just looking away. it is almost like our media focuses on the glass is half full as opposed to half empty. bill: it is not good having the powers that be making your life difficult. >> no matter what, they will be able to get treatment. they are not speaking out for the average canadian. neil: throwing around $97,000, i
4:49 pm
guess you are the average canadian. you are a very gutsy young lady. continued good health. too big to fail? now too big to drop. .
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neil: all right. we are waiting for treasury secretary timothy geithner to address the g20. this is a first big conference by a top u.s. official who will later be joined tonight by president obama. of course, we're hosting the g20 summit of the leaders of the world's richest nations shall certainly the most influential
4:53 pm
nations. it is in pittsburgh, a perfect venue for what the president thinks will happen in this country and we are told that mr. geithner will extoll the virtues of hess bailouts an rescues that have born fruits an clear results. he ran into a bit of opposition from former federal reserve chairman paul volcker who said this too big to fail stuff and rescuing companies, cool t i'm paraphrasing here, but mr. volcker saying there is a limit here. is there? julia epstein says these bailouts are working. maybe we should cool. it. >> i don't think he is saying that. i don't think anyone would deny that the economic recovery plan is working but i call them bridge loans, recovery plans for major institutions whether it is wall street or the auto industry is also working. neil: did you say that last year
4:54 pm
when the republican president was pushing it? >> yeah, i was. i have said on the air many times on this network an elsewhere that the bush administration deserves a lot of credit for the financial institutions coming back, because i think they bit the bullet when it wasn't politically popular and did it last october, but it is working. a.i.g. is paying back some loans. about 33 or 34 of the banks are praying back about $140 billion worth of loans and the philosophical question is when we're in an economic recession that some people thought would lead to a depression, is it appropriate for the government to step in with what are refectively bridge loans to get critical institutions back into place. neil: but you set up a series of expectations that these institutions or others will demand money, in short order from the car guys and manufacturing guys that what you do for them, you do for me and now we're doing it with housing
4:55 pm
credits. people don't buy houses without t people don't buy cars without cash for clunkers. we set up a feeling of entitlement here and once that genie is out of the bottle, goodbye. >> i think that's correct. the point that volcker is saying here is that there is a limit. next time you come around and we have failures of major institutions, particularly volcker was talking about the folks not involved in traditional banking like insurance companies, and he is saying if the government won't be there, big brother won't be there to help you out. neil: but actually the government s i hear this president say we're not in the car business, not in the financial business, and then they get deeper in the car business, and then deeper in the educational loan business. they don't go away. me, when i am invited to a party, i'm the last guest to leave and the host says "neil, stop eating and ordering pay per view."
4:56 pm
>> i'm sure you're good company at the parties, neil. >> neil: i'm just saying that's ha happens when you make a good deed. >> i think that's wrong because the president has said they want out of the auto industry and want out of being involved in the financial sector as quickly as they k secondly, i guarantee you if -- neil: julian, i love you but we're dictating pay, setting new rules rounder czars. if i was at your house ordering pay per view and raiding your refrigerator and i'm not going anywhere. >> you're welcome to my house at any time. i don't like the government getting into pay scales an bonuses. neil: we're there, my friend, we're. there. >> if you ask any political advisor at the white house, they say the last thing they want is to be involved in the auto street, to be involved on wall street or the auto industry. >> but they are. >> this is a nightmare for the president and his senior starve.
4:57 pm
they don't want to do this. there was a consensus of experts that we had to do the bailout. neil: it's always fun, my friend. i'll come to your house, raid your refrigerator. julian, thank you very much. right now, an hour from now on fox business network, if you don't have it, demand it. (announcer) the same rapid response you expect
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